Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Multi Verse Pt.2

The String theory or M-theory, classifies that multi-verses are constantly budding of one another. Which uses Worm Holes as their doorway to these other universes. But the most interesting aspect of this theory is that it accounts for each universes own big bang. This leaves us with a very daunting question. Was our universe the first universe to have a big bang? Or were we products of another universe that existed eons ago. Not even in our own universe. But a much bigger one in which we stemmed from! This is really revolutionary thinking and the mathematical implications are astounding. Just the thought of this being even possible would have massive effects on the general populace. Religion would take a massive turn in its course. Quantifying this new information would open a whole world of new physics and dynamic understanding!

We have to remember that when the big bang happened. It came from a certain point. Known currently to be of a finite size and ever since it has been expanding. We have to assume that this expansion will always be of a finite size. Whether it was 12 billions years ago or yesterday. There might be more of the expanded universe now, but it will still always be a finite size, albeit huge. This leads to the question, is there anything outside of this universe? Was there anything outside of the dot before the big band. If it was infinitely small and infinitely dense it was still occupying space? Was there space outside of the dot. Or was everything that has ever existed been in that one dot? This is where string theory tries to quantify that our universe might of stemmed from a much larger universe. Making us a product of their existence. As we might do to another universe that has stemmed from us.

Fig.2 A graphical Representation of two colliding universes



  • Alexander says:
    25 August 2012 at 07:35

    I think String theory is a great new idea, even though it has some flaws. There is still so much that we have to explore, its really exciting. Keep up the great work with this blog!

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