Saturday, 4 August 2012

What is Dark Matter?

With the whole universe in consideration, Matter consisting of the things we see everyday, from here to anything in the observable universe, only accounts for about 4-5% of the total occupation of the universe. This infers that the total universe consumption is almost made of things we can not actually see (95% of it). That is a staggering amount, when you think about all the billions of galaxies, consisting of billions of stars and planets in each, puts this into perspective. This leads to the unimaginable number of object that encompass the universe. Now dark matter will not all be sectioned in one area, for example, matter making up the observable universe will be in one place and dark matter be in another, dark matter compliments space and matter. There is evidence to suspect that dark matter is actually among us, not billions of light years of the periphery of the known universe. Dark matter and dark energy could be among us. Penetrating and interacting with the physical universe. Our only problem is being able to detect it. Currently there is a special experiment under way to detect dark matter and it is the first real decent shot in finding these heavy and dark particles. It is called the LUX (Large Underground Xenon) Detector (We will cover this in another post later)