Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dimensions Pt. 1

With the current amount of dimensions in space we have one pointing up (↑), one pointing sideways (←), and one pointing forward ( ), this can also be called, x,y,z dimensions. There is actually also another dimension called time, which makes the 4 dimension, which goes through and around matter and controls the flow of time(Arrow of time). Some could ask, is there another/more dimensions in existence? and some would say it is crazy, since the previous dimensions have occupied all the space available. Mathematics can allow for an infinite amount of dimensions. Literally have as many as you want and with that mathematicians and scientists would conjure these ideas that these dimensions would be completely different to the dimensions that we are aware of, such as monsters travelling through different dimensions and different worlds. Now that all seems interesting and exciting, but the likely hood of that happening outside of Hollywood is slim at best. But when we look at extra dimensions in a realistic term it is more of a mathematical term, and a text book example of the use of extra dimensions would be String Theory. As I have mentioned before, String Theory uses extra dimensions on top of the 3 dimensions that we can view, plus time (Being the 4th). To look at this in a non head achingly way would be to just view these extra dimensions as just extra directions. That being said, it would actually be impossible to point in this direction or even see it. But to assume it is there for the sake of mathematics and sanity.

More in Part 2



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