Tuesday, 17 July 2012


For a while now I have been wondering why some people tend to have difficulties understanding the natural sciences, some say its hard, some say they don't have an interest. But I find that hard to believe, both of those answers. When I talk to someone about a particular topic, anything ranging from the atomic sciences or black hole theory, I get nothing but sparkling eyes and gasps. This very factor alone has convinced me that nearly everyone in the world has some interest in science in one shape or form regardless how insignificant or small.

Some people tell me that they were uninspired in science as the tests were hard and the teachers did not care. This fault should not be bestowed upon the student but the teacher. It is his/her job to inspire and motivate students in their respective subject. Children are not born with ambitions, not with motivations, only opportunity. It is the experiences other people are external environments give to the person which sparks curiosity.

An example would be assume at some point in our life, we would be interested in History, but depending on what we have experienced before we may not be so susceptible to such ideologies or subjects. That is why nurturing of the young is very important, as what activities you allow our children to take part in, will play some factor into their future lives. As an older generation, it is our duty to enrich the lives of the young generation and give them every possible opportunity to make the best and most informed decisions in their own lives.

This blog/website, what ever you want to call it, will hopefully cover some interesting topics in science ranging from space travel and hyperspace to Quantum physics and M - Theory.

I hope these topics will be explain clearly and concisely as possible, and with some luck maybe even giving at least one person the motivation and inspiration they need to explore the mysteries of the universe.

This will be a journey for myself as well to also analyse some advanced subjects in science and hopefully establish a group of followers which myself and them can bounce ideas and theories of each other, deepening everyone’s understanding of the natural sciences.

One small step for man..



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