Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Is Dark Matter an Illusion?

For some time, scientists have regarded Dark Matter as a major constituent that makes up our existing universe accounting for 84% of physical matter in the universe and about 23% for the mass-energy of the entire universe. First came to the discovery of scientists after noting gravitational anomalies. Since some large astronomical objects mass were in question, and due to this discrepancy, dark matter was theorised. This was to explain why celestial galaxies, that inhabit in galaxy clusters orbit there faster than they are actually meant to, this was due to the given “Luminous mass” that was observed at the time.  But now other theories have surfaced by scientists who herald new theories in anti gravity that discredit that dark matter is nothing but a false idea.

This illusion has been suggested to be made by interactions of small short lived matter particles and the interaction with anti matter.  Research at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has been done on the gravitational effects of anti matter and matter. A scientist by the name of Dragan Hajdukovic investigates the gravitation polarisation of said anti particles. Which has been named “gravitational polarization of the quantum vacuum”; where the quantum vacuum is what others see as empty space in the universe, where no particles exist in these voids. But empty space is not actually that empty according to Quantum mechanics. Regarded as a boiling sea of virtual particles and anti particle, which are to pop in and out of existence simultaneously. In this new hypothesis derived from Hajdukovic, explored the concept that matter and anti matter which is already known to be electrically attracted to each other, but is also gravitationally as well. Suggesting that anti particles will be attributed with anti gravity functions too. This though assuming on a practical level would mean that anti particles (Positive Charge) would go up wards towards the sky and general matter (Negative charge) would go towards the ground following conventional gravitational behaviour. Though even if these particles were to be gravitationally repulsed by each other, since gravity is a weak force (Weakest out of the 4 fundamental forces) the Electromagnetic (E.M) force would still come out victor since it would be stronger, and attached to each other before it would get a chance to repulse each other gravitationally.
This is radical thinking as it stands, as there is only 1 conventional gravitation charge that exists in current accepted science. It is still within the bounds of quantum mechanics, in other words, QM can allow currently this theory as it does not conflict with current tenets of Quantum science.
Fig.1: The Bullet Cluster, suggested to house the best evidence for Dakr Matter          
Credit:X-ray: NASA/CXC/CfA/ M.Markevitch et al.

 Not only does this theory explain anti gravity for anti matter, also elaborates on limitless electric dipoles that come into existence (Imagine compass needles, countless of them) which are thus created by these virtual particles. Before which these dipoles (Needles) will be pointing in many directions, but when an electric field is applied, they all align in the same direction. And because of Quantum mechanics, the field that will be created with the alignment of the diploes all facing the same way will generate a second electric field which will in turn then strengthen the first electric field.
This suggested by Hajdukovic, that gravity will behave in the same way.
This type of challenge to the existence of Dark matter is accepted because there is not enough conclusive evidence to prove that dark matter exists at all, since we have not seen the particle in question.
As we know that anti matter is a mirror opposite of general matter, with only the charge being different, rather than the actual particle/element itself. When anti matter interacts with matter, an annihilation, emitting energy in violent flashes occurs. But these virtual particles appear and disappear spontaneously in this quantum vacuum, this happens so fast that this cannot be witness or obverse directly due to the speed of such events.
A scientist named Michael Doser, works with CERN’s AEglS experiment which measures charge of gravity for anti hydrogen, a well-known anti particle of hydrogen. Will be working to determine whether to confirm or even refute the hypothesis that Hajdukovic has theorised.



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