Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Most Captivating Image of the Deep Universe to Date

Just recently a picture has been released to the general public detailing the sheer immense and vastness and oddly colourful voids of space. Taking over 500 hours to build this picture taken from the Hubble space telescope, a telescope that was put into orbit in 1990. It was carried by the space shuttle Discovery and has been serving as our eyes in space. The picture carefully reconstructed to give this massive panoramic picture of the Universe. This is called the eXtreme Deep Field, where the telescope captures masses of galaxies that stretch back almost to the time where time itself began.
The Hubble telescope had to peer into a tiny corner of space and take in all the light traveling to it for over 500 hours (roughly about 22 days) to create this beautiful picture. By doing this scientist have obtain information about the deep and distant Universe, and allowed to see galaxies at their younger stages of life.

 Fig.1 The Image taken by the XDF/Hubble telescope
Credit: NASA/ESA

This particular tool will be very helpful to the Astro-Physiscts that are studying the stars, to allow the use of XDF will allow deeper studies on how the universe was first made and the process it took to form in the way we see it today!
Because of the XDF we have a candidate for the furthest galaxy ever discovered, also making it the youngest observable one, known as the (UDFj-39546284). If this can be confirmed, then if this is inferred then the galaxy that is currently been seen is only 460 million years old after the big bang, and we can detect how galaxies are formed in such a violent and hot state so soon after the big bang



  • Anonymous says:
    26 September 2012 at 11:40

    Deep! haha - ever since I was young the universe has astonished me and this picture shows you why ;)

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