Monday, 20 August 2012

Multi Verse Pt.1

As physics becomes more common place and certain words become house-hold knowledge, many questions have been asked as to the make up of the universe. Is there an infinite number of universes? Is the universe expanding or receding? Does it operate in the 4 dimensions we are aware of (3 directions and 1 time)? Many scientists try to explain these fascinations, with many of them being successful, others not so much.

We start with the question. Is there an infinite number of universes? Is there only one or are there many? Such questions can not be answered with certain confidence. There are theoretical explanations to explain why both can be possible. But they fall in between the rift in scientific understanding. Take for example the Quantum Theory. Nowhere in the Quantum Theory does it say that multiple universes exist. In quantum mechanics, particles exist as waves of probability, in every possible state at once, until an "observer" collapses the probability wave and forces it to behave like a discrete object. But then take a look at string theory (A topic I hope to cover more in the future) where there are many universes, it is noted for being the best candidate for a “Theory of Everything”. These are looked at as Branes (Not brains, but like membranes), which are little bubble universes a symptom of the little multi-dimensional vibrating entities known as “strings” that resonate inside the smallest areas inside the smallest particles, not atoms, not sub atomic particles, but quarks and leptons. Where inside these areas, strings that vibrate at certain frequencies allow for the creation and interaction of matter in the universe.

In current news, a special telescope has been designed to try and detect these multi-verses that are in existence. Know as the Planck observatory. A space satellite observatory, utilises maps to observe intensity and the polarisation of the CMS (Cosmic Microwave Background) which is reminiscent of the big bang. This will allow science to determine any collisions between ours and other universes that might of occurred early in time.

Fig. 1 The 6 dimension Calabi-Yau space (manifold)

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