Friday, 17 August 2012

The Venus Landing Pt.2

Later in the Venus landing projects, probes such as the Vega 1 & 2 later re-measured the previous observations from previous visits.

The landing sites were decided very carefully. At one place on Venus that Earth believed would be an ideal landing site was the Alta Regio region. This was due to it always facing Earth and would prevent a situation where there would be radio darkness. Thus losing communications between the probe and the Earth's main communication centre.

These exploration actually bared fruit, most of the time. In such that we found new and interesting information about Venus. Such that it has been the victim of tetonic plate deformation in its ridges and grooves on the surface. Similar elements that we have on Earth were present on Venus. Though this is a given due to the periodic table of elements, due to modern chemistry, Carbon(C) and Hydrogen(H) have to be deposited on the surface. Due to nuclear fusion reactions from the sun.

In conclusion to these findings, scientists have decided that Venus is unlikely to support life, either alien or human alike. Making it unlikely for any manned space missions to be possible. As there would be no reason to land on planets such as there. Except maybe mining operations and exploitations. Who knows what the future will bring. Perhaps a lot of Thorium and Uranium.



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