Monday, 22 October 2012

University Guide

I have decided to research the different universities that offer Physics degrees and Physics related degrees. The mission statement is to give prospective high-school/secondary school students the opportunity to properly research the University that suits them best. I will be covering modules that they cover. Reviews of the university, not from newspapers or on-line websites but from the people that matter. The students & graduates that came from these universities. I will be including a ranking system( perhaps a crude one) where I will have the top 10 Universities for Physics in the US, UK and Asia. I will have a Ranking system for the 20 Best Universities in the World and have a list on what topics best suits these universities. For example, the university of South Hampton would be know for Black Hole research in the UK and in Caltech and so on. Just to note that this is actually for me as-well as the reader as I am generally interested in which Universities offer the best courses  for the student. I know most students will not know what field they would like to be in in Physics, but some do or at least have a general ideal. Some might want to be in fluid dynamics, some in Astronomy and others in particle physics. This guide is for them essentially, but this can be used by others to ascertain which universities would be best for physics and which will suit them. As to avoid hefty financial mistakes. I will be inserting college fees to each university rank, if and when I can find them. I will ofcorse have links to their respective pages so you can obviously clarify yourselves from more official sources. It is essentially, to allow you the view to find out which universities you should be looking at and also where some of the great scientists or our time and before then have studied and come to greatness.

Just to mention, that some of the information at time of print will be in date, but I might or might not update it. I will see how things go, If I can get a chance to do it, I will. You can always contact me if you have any questions on the matter.

This will come in time and will be a building process.


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