Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Where we currently stand in Physics with Symmetry, Wormholes, Space-Time and Gravity PT.I

Time as you understand it is a function of symmetry. Symmetry is a fundamental principal of the observable universe. True symmetry cannot exist at the "local" level. You must be able to reference all non-local frames to find it. You can model imperfect symmetry mathematically by saying 0.9999... is in fact equal to 1. It's also the reason why the square root of -1 is an "imaginary number". That is not to say that true symmetry is not a concept unlike infinity, in that it most certainly should be able to exist. Science is just now learning the principals of "symmetry breaking".

It will take another few thousand years to get the math right, but we will eventually find a pragmatic way of manipulating "vacuum barriers" of local frames using exotic matter. Even with atomic clocks, it will be difficult to measure the quanta of time in precise units. It is best, therefore, to measure time in terms of alignment of "frames". Frames to you would be what will eventually coined as "vacuum barriers". This is the home of the virtual particle and the progenitor of the Casimir effect. We can precisely measure frames in units of degree. We use the light from distant stars to do so. We have an aperture that allows us to use simple Pythagorean math to triangulate the difference between "local" and "field" frames. Just to note that the science for this actually came from optical research. Infact to relate to popular culture, there is a game franchise called "Portal" which used this term, which is what makes this localized frame so interesting.

There were several other games such as "Deus Ex" which share the same attractor to this reference. We use the term "attractors" to mean those events which we can record with a certain degree of accuracy. That is, to move "backward" in time means that you also abide by the notions of Heisenberg (The same Heisenberg who coined the Heisenberg “Uncertainty Principle”) In essence, you alter the "past" just as you would trivially by existing in your own local frame. Attractors can be heralded by things that people  find interesting and record. The marching’s of Hitler and his Third Riech. The Mayans and their production of calendars. The Revolutionary War that spawned America. And so forth. These charter events almost always have an attractor associated with them. It is like a heavy ball of lead on a sheet: The attractor warps localized frames in such a way that makes them more congruous to your conventional visualization of space-time. What you need to exploit the breakage of symmetry as it relates to "time" is to inject exotic matter into localized frames.

Exotic matter has a tendency to have negative density. As mentioned in a previous article (Warp Drive:The Theory). We suspect that lattices of high-energy gamma ray lasers were used to create the first observable particles of exotic matter. Currently the Hadron Collider is not powerful enough, and it would take a few dozen suns exploding to break the coulomb barrier needed for a nucleonic force. The quanta of high energy gamma rays, then, can be used to step-up mass ejection of virtual particles that then decay into exotic matter. Due to their incredibly short lifespan, we have not been successfully able to build a transversable wormhole through ordinary space-time that would allow teleportation-like phenomena on the macroscopic scale. However, wormhole theory does describe how local frames are exploited. Kip Thorne thought experiment using a gravity well is still valid. We just can't prove it topographically. But the effect of local frame manipulation mirrors this almost precisely.


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