Saturday, 24 November 2012

Where we are currently in Physics with Symmetry, Wormholes, Space-Time and Gravity PT.II

Yes, gravity is still in play--even between local and non-local frames! So what we've learned is that we've learned a lot more about the nature of causality but very little about how gravity plays a role in this. The "graviton"(A Carrier of the gravity force) remains elusive, but not rejected. Dilation due to gravity is observably the same as symmetry breaking between frames of reference. There must be a deeper relation, but at this point, Nature has kept her mouth shut as to any clue the nature of this relation. An  example of this is, there are two modern postulations of "time travel" that are entirely wrong. First, is the assumption that "forward" time travel is trivial. It is not!

We will NEVER approach c, if we continue to have mass. But if you were, Einstein would be equally as embarrassed as he would be happy. The second misnomer is the Hawking paradox. While Hawking was correct in his thought experiments concerning symmetry, his conjecture involving "time tourists" was entirely misguided. Having spent time in a room waiting for his future self to visit him, after Stephen sent an invitation to himself.

So even with the  brightest scientists, we still don’t know all the answers. We still are stuck in a lot of things, and we look like we know everything now, but an example of our contentedness with technology and science is like having a TV back in the 60’s, living in the 60’s. Its fine, because we don’t know that LED 1080p Screens would ever exist. There was no possibility for someone to see into the future like that. But with the benefit of hindsight we couldn’t even look at that same TV today. Think about what we could produce in another 50 years time, technologically and scientifically?


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