Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dimensions Pt 2: Dimensional Solutions

People have asked why we cant see these extra dimensions and while no one actually has a proven answer or solution to this, but two very interesting concepts circulate around the scientific community.

  1. Make the dimension really really small. So no one can actually see it. To make an example, would be to imagine a long piece of wire or string. Looking up close to the string you can see that it has 3 dimensions, XYZ (and obviously time too), but when you look closer you can see that with the cable it is actually going around the wire also. So you are not just looking at the length of the wire but actually looking at the circumference of sorts(in that there is a direction going around the wire, being a circle), but from a distance you cannot see that, only the length of the wire. But as you approach closer it becomes more apparent that there is more to view then if you were further away. This is the same approach to String Theory, where these extra dimensions are kind of little packets which are so small, the only way to actually see these dimensions would be to reach very high energies to actually uncover the principles of such dimensions. (Reaching Higher energies is like getting a clearer view)

  1. When we look at existence we look at it, in the 3 dimensions and the extra one of time. If there really are extra dimensions out there, then we have absolutely no idea how to escape the 4 that we exist in, we have no way to view it or interact with it. You have to remember how we perceive things in this universe, its thanks to the creation of light, photons predominantly, which allow us to see anything in this world, from the computer screen, our friends to our favourite T.V Show. Being in these dimensions and their effects don't just apply to us humans either, this applies to matter(Mass), light (Photons), electrons, sound(Waves). But there is one force of nature that may have a shot at being able to leap into other dimensions. Gravity, one of the fundamental forces of nature and ironically the one that we know very little about, so the chances of Gravity being the one to do this, is likely. This in itself might be able to explain why Gravity in itself is weaker than all the other fundamental forces.

In all, extra dimensions is a very abstract and somewhat unknown concept, merely hypothetical and academic at this point. But perhaps with the proof of String Theory, extra dimensions might make their way into general mathematics and physical applications, forever changing the way we view the world.


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  • ray says:
    5 September 2012 at 11:03

    Like it was written in the article it needs lots of abstract thinking to understand dimensions. I think this video explains it in a nice way:

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